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Involved from the start

Valcour Capital Management LLC was founded by former Tiger Management Head of Macro Trading and CFO Joseph Schlim. Valcour’s global macro strategy invested over $1 billion of institutional allocations. In 2013, Valcour created the first blockchain hedge and venture funds in the United States.


Valcour Bitcoin Fund is up 66,200% since inception

$90 million

Valcour Venture Funds have realized $90 million on $20 million of invested capital across 21 companies.


Valcour has led 50% of 145 investments since 2013.

Blockchain history
Valcour history


Valcour Capital Management LLC is founded.


A global financial crisis. Satoshi publishes Bitcoin Whitepaper in response.


The first Bitcoin block (known as Genesis Block) is mined.


Ethereum Whitepaper is published.


Valcour Bitcoin Fund launches as first cryptocurrency fund in U.S.



Valcour Venture Fund I — First blockchain-only venture fund.



Ethereum Launches.


Valcour Co-CIO, Joey Krug, creates first ICO on Ethereum with Augur launch.


Valcour Early-Stage Token Fund — First early-stage token fund in U.S.



Valcour Liquid Token Fund launches.



COVID-19 accelerates global adoption of digital assets as a hedge against unprecedented fiscal and monetary expansion.



Major public corporations begin putting Bitcoin on their balance sheets.


Valcour Blockchain Fund launches a new wrapper for the entire spectrum of blockchain assets.

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